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Our Happiness Affirmation

Scott S. Fraser, founder
Contrarian Wealth Coalition

Starting Each Day:

"We all maintain a level of Consciousness within our True Self and a connection with the Universe supported by increasing Awareness in all facets of our lives—including what we say, do, think, eat and interact among ourselves and with others.”

“Optimally, when our internal Soul is closely guiding our external Role, our Consciousness is expanding and providing clarity."

“With that clarity, we are then able to create our own Invocation as we enter each enlightened endeavor of our lives."

Embrace Our Affirmation,
then check:

I, Scott Fraser, am committed to you and I walking our Empowered Path in wealth and health of mind, body, and spirit by nullifying the fear-based rantings of the ego—which no longer divert us from discovering our true selves.

Now is the time to point our attention to my PROMISE to take us up the Path.

To begin, all that is required of us is to be present in our ongoing interaction and that we mutually participate in our collective endeavor of self-empowerment for future reward.

My Gift of Gratitude: The Path
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