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Use Our FLOWS Indicator to Answer the 1st Crucial Question about your recent Stock purchase and the related Flow of Information: Where were you in the Recommendation Flow that motivated your buy-order?
Friday, November 14, 2014 by Scott Fraser

The passing on of a hot-stock recommendation is a game that pre-dates the chain letter. Although social media blitzes are becoming the preferred method of information distribution, the probabilities of who wins and who loses are the same from way back before Quotrons, cold callers, and the know-it-alls around the water cooler.

We have now, as always, a perfect mechanism to protect us from bad decisions made from disadvantageous positions along the flowing rivers of stock-related information. And that mechanism is deep breathing until the unfounded fear of missing the nonexistent "boat" subsides.

As a Coalition, we collectively possess the power of applied knowledge from our Fundamental Line of Windfall Symbiosis (FLOWS) Indicator that reveals where the Smart Money is taking profits now to where they're going next and how the Dumb Money will continue to provide those profits. Please be a shepherd and not a sheep to use the tools that we have given you to be your own source of empowering guidance.

My desire today is to simply focus on awareness of stock-related information sources. Are you acting on unsolicited guidance to which you have no active avenue of recourse? And even more importantly - Are you being driven by a remote sense of urgency?

Our timing on addressing this additional question of urgency fits well with our next active tutorial on your FLOWS Indicator because member feedback from this Coalition is requested on information received BEFORE a reactive stock purchase is made. Major losses can be prevented if you can stop to breathe and ask your Coalition before you hit the buy-button.

You, as an individual member, will control much more of your investment-profit destiny if you participate in our feedback forums. These interactive venues give you the tools to invest wisely on your own behalf.

Access to information and transparency of regulations have positively increased over the last 5 years resulting in equal footing for individual investors. Yet, acting on the emotion of fear remains the prime motivation for following bad information and making even worse investment decisions.

As leader of our Coalition, it is my duty to give you tough love when necessary and to accept tough criticism when I deserve it.  Please pull out the information that you used to make your most recent stock purchase and submit it to this Coalition for analysis.  The future portfolio value that you save will be your own.

Our collective review of unsolicited stock recommendations will serve as a preventative measure against future related losses as individuals.  We will also be able to identify Spike & Crash to Cash qualifiers for Coalition coverage.

If you are able to actively participate in our next powerful FLOWS tutorial, I guarantee to vastly improve your next decision making process. If you can only passively observe after we post, then please adjust any pending purchase orders to pending for now.


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