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Welcome our new class of the Contrarian Wealth of Health Coalition - Here is Your First Step that FLOWS up our Path to Profits
Friday, December 12, 2014 by Scott Fraser

I once again renew my gratitude for the fees and confidence received from my fellow Coalition members as they sign on for our collective quest for profits from investments of wealth to empower our overall health. So, let's get started with your Invocation for Profit Consciousness to open that clear path we travel together.

Until I've guided you to create your own invocation, we're going to use the opening to my personal one adapted to the stock-market environment. For today, we're just going to answer the first of most-important questions:

"What is our point for stock-market speculation?"
Answer: Our Invocation for Profit Consciousness

The Pursuit of Profits empowers my creation of expanded wealth with  which I can fund my beneficial interactions with my universal family. This Paramount level of consciousness is supported by my strategic states of being - the first for today is Awareness & Preparedness - with which I will enter every transaction as Buyer or Seller:

  • To proceed with the Shepherd versus the Sheep - what are you in stock promotions?
  • To invest Innovative versus Reactive funds - do you know who always wins with initial public offerings?
  • To make decisions as early & calm versus late & frantic - how can market corrections work in your favor?
  • To be disciplined or unaware - Can you master the only power by which values increase?
  • Sense of Direction versus Sense of Urgency - Will you choose to take profits from those who provide them?

STOP now - breathe to embrace that you can have the Answers

Please take a moment to tap into the wisdom of your new Coalition by submitting a pending decision that we can collectively consider through the vital questions then mutually benefit from the answers.

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