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A Unique Perspective on Empowered Products: Stock Symbol EMPO
Friday, October 24, 2014 by Scott Fraser
Our company began expanding its loyal consumer base over 12 years ago, and for 3 years running we have steadily increased product shelf space, annual sales, and profits. Although our balance sheet and production lines are humming as new milestones are achieved, our publicly-traded EMPO stock is relatively quiet and unnoticed by Wall Street.

I believe that now is an opportune time for self-directed individual investors to become familiar with Empowered Products' current and future growth phases and the potential of related equity value increases for EMPO shareholders.

As of 1 October 2014, EMPO stock trades on the junior-level Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTC-BB) exchange and logs minimal daily trading volume. This represents a classic disconnect between a company's long-term growth of operational profits and its publicly traded stock activity.  

EMPO Shareholders Advantage:
Now with a Currently Quiet Stock

After I show you the consistent expansion of our core business here in the United States and the new markets we’re seeking to attain in Europe, your current advantage as an independent individual investor over the restrictions of the large market institutions will be clear.

As an individual investor, you are able to consider EMPO shares at this cradle-level with time to conduct sufficient due-diligence. If you share my enthusiasm for Empowered Products' sustained and long-term growth, you can accumulate your EMPO shares well below $1 and well before Wall Street notices our fundamental strength – and before our EMPO shares trade on a higher exchange venue.

EMPO as an advantageous
stock situation:

EMPO trades on the OTC Bulletin Board -- most fund managers and Wall Street investment banks cannot buy at this level
EMPO currently does not have consistent daily trading volume -- the stock is not being artificially promoted/inflated and can be accumulated at a consistent share-price level
EMPO is not widely held -- you can join me as a ground-floor shareholder; I own over 2/3 of the stock and I am hanging tightly to my shares

EMPO as a growing company
expanding sales and consumers:

Empowered Products has increased shelf-space from 3,000 to over 21,000 stores 
Empowered Products sells its PINK and Gun Oil personal lubricants in major retail chains including CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, and HEB 
Empowered Products has expanded sales, revenues, and profit margins for over 3 years running 

EMPO as a
Diamond-in-the-Rough stock

I encourage all investors to evaluate Empowered Products (EMPO) as a Diamond-in-the-Rough stock. This Strategy Template is designated for high-profit-potential stocks trading on the OTC-BB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) that hold realistic potential for upward transition to a senior stock exchange such as the NASDAQ, NYSE, or NYSE Amex Equities.

For all intents and purposes, the OTC-BB should be viewed as a "Cradle Exchange" where emerging companies such as Empowered Products can establish a trading history and gain a foothold within a specific market segment before the ascension to a senior exchange listing. As an emerging health & wellness company trading on the OTC-BB, we are committed to following this strategic upward path.

We have identified 4 Prime Upward Transitions within this Strategy Playbook that together have proven to drive value:

1. Current and expanding sales of a product or service 
2. Launch and public recognition of innovative business model 
3. Expansion of shareholder base & trading volume 
4. Potential for ascension of stock-listing to senior exchange 

Only when these Prime Upward Transitions are in-play should you consider buying into a stock situation via this playbook. In the case of Empowered Products (EMPO), let's take this opportunity to review the first two Prime Upward Transitions in relation to EMPO's growth:

1. Current and expanding sales of a product or service

While on surface, this may seem to be among the simplest of concepts (does the company actually sell something?), you may be surprised by the large number of OTC-BB listed companies that are unable to satisfy this most basic criteria.

Empowered Products, on the other hand, boasts 10-plus years of sales of our popular PINK and Gun Oil lines of personal lubricants – and we have posted expanding revenues over the last three years.

Another simple rule of thumb I like to follow is EBITDA: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. (In essence, does the company have earnings?) Again, the vast majority of OTC-BB listed companies never achieve actual earnings. Empowered Products is that rare exception.

Empowered utilizes its compelling branding and packaging, superior formulations, aggressive pricing, and outstanding customer service to stand apart from the competition.

Last year, our company reported net income of $134,000 on annual revenues of $4.6 million – and so far this year, we've announced quarterly revenues of $1.3 million and $1.2 million for Q1 and Q2, respectively. We'll be reporting our Q3 results within the next week or so.

You can access EMPO's SEC filings and financials at

2. Launch and public recognition of innovative business model

The personal lubricant market is growing faster than many other wellness product categories creating a worldwide megatrend in which EMPO is well-positioned for expansive growth. High-quality personal lubricants and sexual wellness products are expanding their presence in the mainstream media and global retail marketplace as consumers in virtually every adult age category are demanding more sophisticated sexual wellness products and are using them in greater volumes than ever before.

Perhaps most importantly for Empowered Products as a growth company – and for you as a current or future EMPO shareholder – is that today's consumers are demanding to be able to shop for their sexual lubricants in the same places they shop for everything else. And that is precisely what's happening today with the rapid expansion of sexual wellness products firmly into the global mainstream markets.

By keeping a step ahead of this powerful market uptrend, our company has been able to quickly carve out shelf-space in the family planning sections of some of the largest U.S. retail chains including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Fred Meyer, and HEB. In total, Empowered Products has sales in over 21,000 retail locations in more than 30 countries spanning four continents.

We're also aggressively pursuing expansion into the mainstream European retail chains, and, as part of that effort, we recently obtained CE certification for our PINK and Gun Oil lines.

Official logo for CE-Marked products in Europe

With CE certification under our belt, our products can now move freely throughout the European markets in full compliance with EU legislation. This is an exciting time for our company! Right now, we're in the process of affixing our PINK and Gun Oil lines of personal lubricants with the CE mark for distribution across Europe. I see this as a major growth opportunity not only for our company but also for our shareholders. 

We'll be exploring the latter two Prime Upward Transitions shortly – so be sure to check back here next week.

Remember, from a trading perspective, EMPO has not yet received any major market attention -- our stock does not trade every day -- and our shares are currently below the $0.50 level. I view this as an excellent environment of calm wherein you can begin your own due diligence of our company.

Start at our corporate website at and be sure to check out for our financials and SEC filings. You may also recall from our initial 2011 EMPO report that, in addition to serving as founder and CEO of Empowered Products, I am also the founder and publisher of the Contrarian Wealth Coalition.

I'm interested to hear from you. Please use the dialogue box below to ask me a question or share an idea.


Scott S. Fraser
Founder and CEO, Empowered Products

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