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A Sound Wealth-Accumulation Strategy for Trident Brands, Inc. (TDNT)
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 by Scott Fraser

Trident Brands – currently undiscovered – is about to take the nutritional products sector by storm with its 3 Key Alliances - including the most powerful name in health and fitness: EVERLAST. The historical wisdom to buy Trident Brands, symbol TDNT, is aligned with our tradition of Contrarian wealth-building by accumulating shares in an emerging yet undiscovered company while its stock is trading below its foreseeable value and below Wall Street’s radar.

In the small-cap sector, timing is everything. And our timing on TDNT could not be any better because Trident Brands has quietly formed alliances with 3 Major Powerhouses of the nutritional products industry. And they’ve accomplished this below Wall Street’s radar – which, in my opinion, is the only reason why TDNT shares are available within this advantageous buy-window below $1.   

Trident Brands has joined forces with these 3 Major Powerhouses – creating the framework for TDNT’s forthcoming launch into the nutritional products sector:

DSM: DSM is a leading global manufacturer of nutritional ingredients and the world’s largest vitamin producer. DSM will design the specialty ingredients that will become Trident’s nutritional products. 

Continental Ingredients: Continental Ingredients specializes in the design and application of functional food ingredient systems. Trident has partnered with Continental for the development, manufacture, and supply of its forthcoming suite of nutritional products that will be marketed under the Everlast brand.

Everlast Worldwide: An enduring symbol of athletic strength and endurance for more than a century, Everlast is now one of the world’s most trusted names in nutrition. Trident has formed a strategic alliance with Everlast via a 15-year license to create, market, and sell nutritional foods and supplements under this famous brand mark.

Keep your Contrarian eyes wide open on TDNT because when major industry powerhouses align themselves so closely with an emerging innovator like Trident Brands – a wide range of catalysts can quickly come together to the benefit of early shareholders. Begin picking up TDNT shares now up to our initial $1.00 per share buy-ceiling. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be providing you with ongoing, exclusive analysis of Trident Brands from a value-growth perspective.


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