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The FLOWS: Our Signal for Enlightened Contrarian Investment Discipline
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 by Scott Fraser

Back on 14 May 2014, I shared the next evolution in the focus of our collective Contrarian Coalition to progress beyond the pitfalls of our externally conditioned thought processes and toward more internally empowered investment decisions. If you have joined us since then, please take a moment to embrace this affirmation entitled "The WHERE-Next for Enlightened Contrarians" by clicking here.

As the summer vacation doldrums subside, we have the opportunity to increase our awareness of the potential impact that the Flow of Money in or out of the Stock Market can have on our macro-strategies.

As Contrarians, we control our investor emotions while keeping a close watch on the leading sentiment indicators of the investing-masses, which are determined by the inflow or outflow of personal capital in retail mutual funds. We understand the conditioned behavior of these investing masses and their emotional triggers that range widely between highly excessive enthusiasm to deeply unjustified remorse. We use these two extreme conditions to adjust our collective Contrarian portfolios in advance of the reactionary impacts.

Today, we are faced with a major macro-investment strategy question. Are the broad market indexes currently in a state of inflation with a peak and retreat nearby or are they still in the early phases of escalation? Although our proprietary formulas and situational templates, here at the Contrarian Wealth Coalition, work consistently through all segments of broad market fluctuations, we must stay vigilant of the Essential Flows to stay on the right side of rallies and crashes.

This Macro-Strategy question is well-timed because we are about to launch our exclusive answer for the private use of Contrarian Wealth Coalition Members - The FLOWS [Fundamental Line of Windfall Symbiosis] Indicator.   We are able to use the composite data trails of institutional, government and individual investor money movements cross-referenced with the fear and greed sentiment indexes so that we maintain the highest possible awareness of market momentum shifts.

With the current surge of the Power Indexes, such as the DJIA, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ, our FLOWS Indicator can empower us to use our collective lessons learned in overreactions during past rallies by following the Fundamental Line of Windfalls - where the "Smart Money" is taking profits then tracking the flow of where those funds go next. The Symbiosis component of our FLOWS Indicator demonstrates the mutual relationship between smart and dumb but we Contrarians get the benefit. So, FLOWS also tracks the "Dumb Money" in these transaction patterns. The Dumb consistently buy high to provide near-term profits to the Smart and then sell low to the Smart to provide future profits.

The credit for developing our FLOWS Indicator is shared by all who have participated in our Contrarian journey through the investment markets over the past two decades. Our interactions during the application of our strategy templates and the feedback gained during your live-investment experiences is our collective key to utilizing the most powerful influence in the stock market - our human nature.

In our perpetual obligation of pragmatic guidance to our Contrarian Wealth Coalition members, we will ensure that our FLOWS Indicator is easy and expedient to use throughout all levels of market investing.  We have integrated FLOWS into our familiar and proprietary Profit-Compass format in which you are provided with the precise data and updated projections to stay on the Smart-Money side of the transaction patterns.

Let's now take the first step with this new strategy tool that we have provided as part of fulfilling our Profit-Mantra that demands a profitable return on your membership fees and provides a promise of enrichment through responsive participation.

The first step for all Contrarian Wealth Coalition members is to register for our upcoming tutorial series on our FLOWS Indicator. Then, you'll be able to simply follow the related Profit-Compass signals going forward together, as a Coalition, as always.

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