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My Gift of Gratitude: The Path
by Scott Fraser

Welcome and I am happy you are here!

I'm Scott Fraser, founder of Empowered Products, and now, I'll be guiding you up the Empowered Path. I will lead on our initial steps together—then, your pure potentiality will begin to contribute fuel for our collective progress.

For me, it was the universal gift of Deepak Chopra and his book 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga that opened my gate for contributing to and magnifying the Beneficial Light of the universe.

Now, this is my gift of gratitude to you—initially as my customer and now as my companion in discovering our source of True Happiness.

As we enter and walk together along the Path, my promise to you is this — although I cannot predict when it will happen, you will discover that everything you need for this journey to experience personal enlightenment already exists deep inside you. In time you will also learn that the benefits of the Path have infinite value as you increase your commitment to you – your "Me-to-Me" Relationship.

So, where and when do we start? Here — Now. The Path is profound yet simple. It starts solely with you—tapping into the infinite wisdom of your true Self—then resonating outward in a perpetual exchange of enrichment with everything and everyone around you.  

Have you met YOU yet? Well, you're about to meet your best friend!

Be aware that the Empowered Path is not a religion and all spirits are welcome. It costs nothing monetarily—yet it holds the key to enriching every facet of your life and cannot be bought nor faked. There is no need to preach nor persuade. The Beneficial Light that will resonate from within you will become the ubiquitous and palpable attraction for your fellow spirits.

In its simplest form, the Path is a journey into you. The true you that occupied your current form at the moment you were brought into this world.

The Empowered Path is a discipline and is requisite of a flexible mind and an honest willingness to delve deep inside and to interact with your soul and inner voice (the Self). It requires courage not only to accept fault in your external role but also to embrace the potential for personal growth in ways that the chaos of your ego and intellect have long obscured. 

The Path challenges you to disregard the fear-based rantings of your ego—which work against you in discovering Your True Self. You will systematically shed the conditioned layers of self-doubt and the constant need for approval (object-referral) while simultaneously replacing them with a fruitful new foundation of self-confidence, enlightenment, love, and serenity (self-referral).

You are now turning your own key to open your own gate, and you inspire me to walk beside you along the Empowered Path—Rejoice!